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Throughout the years, many distinguished visitors and political dignitaries-state, national, and international have passed through these portals.  Presidents and their wives, past and future, notably Lyndon Johnson and Madame Nhu, fellow legislative friends of Dudley T. Dougherty whom he met during his days in the Texas Legislature, were all visitors and guests.

In 1974 Sissy Farenthold, both a relative and a political ally, ran her second  campaign for governor, relying on his assistance and acumen. Sissy remembers stopping over many times on the way from her district to the State Capital as a State Official.

The history is everywhere, in the art and personal writings on display, and in his Politic al Library and our Conference Center. The outdoor surroundings of the San Domingo create a space which brings together an atmosphere where things immediately lend themselves open for discussion and contemplation.

Dudley T. Dougherty was an active environmentalist in his time. In 1954 He wrote "The Water Problem", which outlined the hydrology possibilities, as well as the problems of our policies at the time. Written during an era of optimism and abundance, he warned against government confusion and misuse of resources. Mr. Dougherty posed several questions, which could have seemed premature then, but are now quite mainstream in reflecting our concerns presently. This work is not in print currently, but one remaining copy was found in Truth or Consequences, N.M. in 2004.

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