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March 2010 - Workshop on Equestrian Trail Design and Land preservation
In association with Jan Hancock, author of Equestrian Design Guidelines for Trails, Trailheads, and Campgrounds, funded by US Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and the USDA Forest Service. Although many planning and designing guidebooks for trails, trailheads and campgrounds already exist, very few of the references now available address the needs of equestrians. This guidebook addresses their needs. The emphasis of the guidebook is on highly developed recreation facilities and programs, such as those in urban, rural, and some wildland areas. The book provides practical guidelines that can be adapted to a variety of settings and levels of development, and both English and metric measures are given where applicable.

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February 2010 - Kung Fu/Qi Gong Weekend

Sifu Johann Sasynuik taught Kung Fu class for all levels, Qi Gong classes and women's self defense class.

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December 2009 - Conference on Alternative Energies

The San Domingo Ranch continues to focus on the most current of subjects in today’s world and this fall we will be hosting a Conference on Alternative Energies. Come here to learn about how our future energy supply could be Carbon and Nuclear free, the role of Algae in Biofuel as well as the potential for Solar Energy in Texas. Leading Swedish companies will be speaking about the future of alternative energy technologies in their country together with visionary American energy companies.

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Mr. Jim Hightower (National Radio Commentator, Writer and Public Speaker) - Power Flows From The Grassroots

Mr. Leigh A. Mayo (Land Use Experts, President and CEO) - Winning approval of projects with public support

Mr. Wayne LeBlanc (American Photovoltaics, Executive Vice President) - Showing the potential for Solar Power in Texas

Mr. Harald Dirdal (Scandia Wind Southwest, Project Manager) - telling about The Mariah Project in West Texas

Mr. Pat Calhoun (Calhoun Ranches LLC, Owner) - Agricultural Issues with Uranium Mining


December 2007 - Arboriculture Lectures

The San Domingo Ranch Gardens and Conference Center launches the first in a series of afternoon lectures on arboriculture with plant pathologist Olaf Ribeiro speaking on “Reviving the Ancients: tree health and regeneration”. The event is aimed at “anyone interested in preserving our national heritage of trees,” said San Domingo Ranch owner Mary Patricia Dougherty.

Recently profiled by the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Ribeiro believes that trees can live forever, given the right conditions. He has regenerated trees throughout the world from the Doomsday oak at Ashton Court Estate in England, which has been standing since at least the Middle Ages, to a 200 year old English oak on the Capitol campus in Olympia, Washington.

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 October 2004 - GIS Plowing: Agriculture in the Digital Age
The San Domingo's typical rangeland full of oaks and an understory of mixed brush makes traditional row plowing difficult. Area ranchers, county commissioners, County Extension Agents, and local officials will benefit from seeing the latest technological innovations in Geographic Information Services (GIS) applied to precision plowing. This helps area ranchers to profitably introduce intensive small scale sustainable agriculture interspersed with their traditional rangeland practices.

Workshop participants will learn about the technology and will see it in operation. Demonstrations will show the process, from the initial planning stage using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) workstation through the actual plowing with a Global Positioning System (GPS) guided tractor equipped with a ruggedized touch-screen computer specially adapted for mounting in agricultural vehicles. Participants will receive a handout. Bring your own lunch; lemonade and tea will be served in the field.

October 2004 - Moving with Grace and Core Strength, the Feldenkrais Way
Learn how to increase your range of motion, improve your strength, and move with greater ease and flexibility with the Feldenkrais Method. Gentle exercises and directed attention will help you rediscover your innate capacity for moving gracefully and efficiently. These techniques are appropriate for all ages and ability levels. Wear loose clothing. No special equipment is needed, and we provide mats. A light lunch and beverages will be served. The class will be held in the pool house, gym, and on the deck of the San Domingo Conference Center.
Instructors: Cristina Salgado and Mary Patricia Dougherty

Gourmet Cooking Class: A Polynesian Luau
The San Domingo has been hosting gourmet cooking demonstrations since 1962, when New York Times Food Editor Craig Claiborne came down to visit us for a weekend of cooking "South Texas" style.

Professionally trained chef Mary Patricia Dougherty continues this tradition, taking you through an entire menu from start to finish. You'll learn professional techniques of preparation and presentation. Perhaps the best part is that after the class, we all sit down to eat the gourmet dinner we just prepared! It's a great party atmosphere, don't miss out. Size limited to twelve.

The San Domingo Ranch has a great history of gathering together-a rich tapestry of diversity of people and events